Yes! You read it right. The title of this post is the title itself. This decision of blogging and writing is itself troublesome. And to top it all comes the question of ‘title’.  I googled through so many words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms etc. to give my site a name and this very question drived me in the world of what I am, what would I write or how can the reader understand my views with the help of the ‘title’ itself. Then it brought me to decide what this all conjecture process should be called. And BINGO!..

I got one word – “Introspection”. Thank you Google. You are a saviour. This word perfectly described my mode of thinking and writing. Thinking and writing, for me, can never be enough.

So this very first post of my ‘blog’ is dedicated to all those words which could have been selected as a title before getting rejected because of their inapt meanings. This also brings me to introduce my blog to all those who are reading (if there are any). You may find some obvious stuffs of personal writing but surely most of the things would be uncommon as I love to compose poems too. Yes now I sound like a desperate writer who wants and often forces people to read what he/she writes and then love what they read. Whatever, it’s totally your wish. I can’t force you to follow me. And now I feel like maybe this is what every desperate writer says to the readers. And the feeling if someone really would be interested in it or if anyone’s even reading this thing.

Enough of introspection for the first post.

p.s – I am always a learner. So please try to ignore my mistakes. Thank you.


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