Thank you.

So, I know I am a bit too late for this and I don’t know if this is even required. But still you all deserve it. You all deserve a big thank you. Really. I was busy somewhere and that somewhere was a little important so I had to restrict myself from blogging and actually control my thoughts about writing. It’s really hard for me to abstain from writing for such a long time but trust me it was worth the wait. Because now I am free to express myself even more with all those thoughts with which I stuffed up my mind, not opening the door to let them flow.

So, the reason this post was necessary is that I have never written on such a big platform before. And now I think why I did not. I think I considered myself too young for this world and always confined myself to my pen and my diary. But, you know that one decision you take, not for anyone else but only and only for yourself, I made one too. Honestly, when I was writing my first post I was like, for whom am I writing, who would like to read this thing, if this would be another decision that I regret making and I was sure enough that I will be getting no response and after all will have to discontinue writing here. I was that much casual writing my first post. I think everyone of you would have gone through such situations when you do something without any expectations and afterwards you realise, it was really worth doing. So for me blogging was that thing and the responses I got from all of you was unexpected and unimaginable. I know I am repeating the same thing again and again but I can’t stop telling you how grateful I am to all of you.

Maybe, the reason I am this much happy is because you all read it in the first place. Whatever I wrote, since the time I started writing, I never showed it to anyone. It was one of those ‘mysterious collections of personal life experiences’ for everyone. No one had any idea what I wrote. And here I was writing on such a big platform for such a vast audience who share their point of views with such honesty and sincerity.

So, at last and again thank you for making me believe that I can attract readers through my writing even if you are not attracted any more. Thank you, for because of you I will continue writing here even if you are not at all interested in reading it any more. Thank you for making me realise that my decision was right however it comes to me in the future.

This is just the beginning.

Thank you.


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