She was Musical…

A loner by choice A lover by destiny She swirled around, Insecure;   Hiding away constantly from the judging eyes She walked past the street, as if impure;   Sooner or later she decided to go with what was the flow. She decided to be what she was Original;   Though she was insecure, Thought … Continue reading She was Musical…



Okay! So first of all this is insanely unbelievable. I wouldn't have ever¬†imagined this coming until it actually happened. An AWARD! Woah..! It's like one of those things you experience by taking risky but important decisions for yourself first time in a while. That's how blogging happened to me. So by controlling my excitement I¬†would … Continue reading AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD..!

I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.

Really need your views this time guys.. Unfortunately there is no one to whom I can ask these questions except myself and you all. And I seriously cannot give answers to myself because it confuses me more and more questions arise out of it. I am a person who is very sensitive and emotional and … Continue reading I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.