I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.

Really need your views this time guys..

Unfortunately there is no one to whom I can ask these questions except myself and you all. And I seriously cannot give answers to myself because it confuses me more and more questions arise out of it.

I am a person who is very sensitive and emotional and these traits combined create a lot of problems in one’s life when certain situations arrive in front of you. I am also a person who never wants to do wrong things or does not want to make mistakes. I know no one really wishes to do so. But in my case whenever I am given some job to do I try really hard not to make any mistakes and do the work with perfection and sincerity. Not only this, I am also very conscious about these things and I also feel like I am being observed and judged on the basis of whatever steps I am taking. And that is why I don’t want to present myself as a careless person because I never care less, I always care more. I take it as a harm to my sincerely created image or identity. Every person who meets me, I always try to imagine what would they think of me if I react in a certain way. And this whole thought process makes me what I am not. And mistakes affect me more than anything. Maybe it is just embarrassment that affects me. I don’t know.

Like for example this post. I know you must be thinking of me as a self obsessed person who is wasting your time just talking about himself/herself and you must be losing interest in this whole thing.

This is how I am. This is not a problem in my opinion. The problem actually is that I consider others the same way as I am. Like I don’t want others also to make mistakes. Why? is the question here. Why can’t I accept the fact when people close to me make mistakes or are about to do so? Why do I always feel like I should correct them and bring them back on right track? I care for them and I should. But to that extent that I start observing them as I believe everyone observes me. Is it correct? Maybe I have a habit of spying on everyone but myself. Or maybe I am too much concerned about their lives and how they are being judged, forgetting the fact that they have their own lives and I have my own to look after.

So is it just my concern or interference in others lives? Should I leave my close mates on their own even when I suspect that they are doing something wrong? Or should I correct them? But for how long? Even when they don’t like it? Should I stop reacting even when I am trying to do something good for them unconditionally? And what if their mistakes affect my life emotionally or socially? What am I supposed to do then?

These are all the questions which keep on coming in my mind. To which I have no answers. Maybe you too cannot answer them. But if you can, please guide me through. I don’t want to give myself advice regarding this anymore. And if you feel the same as I do, please do share it and let me know that it’s totally normal to feel all this.

Enough of introspection for now..

Thank you.




31 thoughts on “I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.

  1. Hey! I feel that making mistakes is honestly an essential part of our lives. In real life, nobody is ever perfect; anybody perfect is never real. Do not beat yourself up just because you aren’t able to handle anything as well as you’ve thought you could. Similarly, please don’t give up on anybody else just because they made a mistake. Mistakes are what keeps us driven as a species; as a whole. We embrace failure because it makes us better. Although committing mistakes or having had brushes with failure may come off as a stigma in our current society, it is essential for us to keep moving on. I may not be directly answering your queries but I do hope it gave you some sort of direction to follow.

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  2. Control what you can control, and just let the other stuff happen. You can spend the rest of your life trying to correct others mistakes. But making mistakes is an important part of learning. I think you are putting unnecessary amounts of stress on yourself, and it makes everything a little worse. I used to deal with struggling how people viewed me. I spent my time trying to be what I thought would impress them. My life got a whole lot easier once I was able to no longer care what others thought of my choices. They have the right to think and feel however they feel. and I have a right to not care. I hope you find a balance and work past this. There is so much freedom in your mind once you can get past these things.

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  3. Honestly, I can relate to this post! I think it has to do with my anxiety, but I really do dwell on every little thing going on in my life. You definitely aren’t alone, but doing certain activities helps me to calm down- running, painting, listening to music. Great post ❤️

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  4. Hey you are great the way you are! And you know what, life is harsh. And no matter how much you try, you can’t avoid mistakes. They are a part of your everyday life just as fun and games and food are! Accept it, try to! And you will be calmer. I am not saying that you won’t feel bad but just try to accept that we all are capable of mistakes! 🙂 Good luck


  5. I have the same problems! For your answers, there’s actually a quote that can help. “Yesterday I was clever so I tried to change the world. Today I am wise, so I try to change myself” Sometimes it’s ok not to try and change what others are doing but maybe you can voice your opinion instead. Remember they’re your friends and will want to listen. Don’t be affected by others around you all the time though! Think about whether these people are important first. Then, make your decision. Remember the most important person to consider is you!

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  6. Hey Silencespeaks,

    Having all these questions are normal. It just shows that you care, a good thing. The issue that I see as I read through your blog is that you’re affected by a lot of negativity and you just, for the moment, can’t handle or cope with them because you’re at your limit.

    You need to let loose somehow of these negativity, with support that you’re asking for, which is good. Cause you’re actually seeking help when, fact is, there are people who wouldn’t for their own reasons, of course.

    Regardless, if you ever need help, do feel free to talk to myself or the PBIY community. We’ll seriously love to help people who are in need in anyway we can. If you wanna join us too, do feel free to let me know! We are always looking for people who wants the best for everyone 🙂

    If not, I hope things go well for you too of course!

    Alright talk to you again soon.

    Your pal,
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    for the link to the stream and feel free to chat with everyone in the chatroom 😃

    Hope to see you there bud!

    Your pal,

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      1. Hey, we all need support. Try to distract yourself. That is definitely one of the best ways, in my experience, to get over a negative period lol!

        Talk again! Btw, do check out the livestream video for your blog review, cause I did share some stuff which might help.

        Overall, your blog is really minimalistic. The color scheme was fitting for you, somehow. Had a good experience. Though I do feel that if you made things brighter, it might actually improve the experience cause right now, things feels kinda dark, to me anyway lol.

        Of course if you like it that way, keep that, don’t let me tell you what to do hahaha!

        Your pal,

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      1. Yeah even I am new. But as far as I know all the five nominated bloggers are supposed to post it just the way I did answering my questions!! The rules are mentioned. And you can ask me anytime if you wanna know something else.. 🙂 and welcome!

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