Just Imagine!


It’s sharing time again.

So, for quite some time I’m having a strange feeling about a really unfamiliar situation about which, I don’t know how to react. Try out if you can help me.

So I’ll first try to make you understand through an example.

Imagine yourself participating in a race. You are running just as everyone is. Well, imagine that you hate running but, you are required to run because obviously you are in a race and everyone has to run. As you hate doing it, you are not expecting at all to win or at least get a likely good position. You don’t even consider yourself as better than anyone, leaving some lazy ones aside who just want to finish the race however possible.

Now, this is the best part. 

Somehow you finish the race with good effort. When you look around, you realise that – YOU WIN!! You might wonder how and that’s obvious because You thought everyone else was better than you and would have been putting more efforts than you. But guess who won? YOU

Now here comes the worst part.

The people who lost, a majority of them happen to be your really, really close friends who, actually liked running in the race and, expected and wanted, from all their heart, to win. And it’s not that they stood second or third. No. Unfortunately they are not even in the top ten or twenty. In fact they worked really hard and just like you, never expected you to win. 

Now tell me what is going to be your first reaction?

Is it going to be – “Hell Yeah! I won” or “How come I won?” or “Holy crap, my friends didn’t do well” or “What am I supposed to do now?”. Probably the last one is apt. Because that is what you’ll think of, when those friends of yours are going to give you that cold look. You can’t feel happy right. Can you? Well however you are supposed to feel happy because hello, you came first, you performed unexpectedly great. So what, if you never knew about that all. Confused?

Add a little more drama to it now.

As you won, you are all over the newspapers with your interviews and photographs, getting phone calls for good wishes and blessings. But, when you meet your friends or talk to them over phone, they sound so depressed making you feel bad for winning the race. Yes, that is a realistic situation. Where you feel like you betrayed your friends by doing better than them. You don’t find them enjoying your win. They just talk to you about their loss. Some of them don’t even talk to you. Suddenly everything changed and you start regretting your win. And you so wish you wouldn’t have come first.

Ok let’s come to the real point.

It’s about my results. And unexpectedly and unknowingly I did great in my exams. Actually the best I could have done and I stood on top of everyone including my friends. Now some of you might say that if my friends don’t feel great for me then maybe they are not real friends and I should forget about them. But hey! they are all I have when it comes to best friends. And trust me they are very small in number. I can’t imagine my life up till here without them so obviously can’t imagine it further too.

It’s just that, maybe I’m not used to all this fame, top of the world feeling, or this cold behaviour from people really close to me and the dilemma of whether to throw a party to them, celebrating my win which is also their loss or console them as they need me. But I need them too to share my happiness. Or maybe I’m over thinking. Or maybe that’s how I would have felt if I were on their place. Or maybe you can help any better. 

Don’t forget to share your views on this and also if you’ve had in similar situations and how you dealt with it. 

Enough of introspection for now.

Thank you.


14 thoughts on “Just Imagine!

  1. First of all, my reaction would be, holy shit I WON !! As for your friends, been there done that. Envy is natural and their depressed expressions, cold attitudes, will all begin to fade away. Until then, you do your thing.. Celebrate the victory by taking a break from all of it

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  2. First off, congratulations on doing well, it’s unexpected but learn to carry it like a champ. Second, I know what it’s like to work on something really hard and not have it come through. You tend to feel awful for a while, but there comes a time when it just won’t matter as you continue on through life. If your friends continue to have a problem with it, put yourself out there and make more friends. Those who begrudge you for success, when their own results lack, are those who will drag you down in the long run. For now enjoy your success, and your summer. =D

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  3. Congratulations on your victory! It sounds like you don’t realize how capable you really are. I hope this gives you a boost of confidence 🙂
    I have experienced this with a friend of mine, where I feel like I need to suppress my feelings of a job well done, so that she will not feel bad. So I completely understand. I think your friends will eventually get over it. Maybe then they will be able to congratulate you sincerely. However, you deserve to feel great about your accomplishment, so do something special for yourself!

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  4. Congratulations on being the best! I’ve had a similar experience and since then it’s just one person who’s been cold amongst my friends. I believe a friend should share in your joy as well. Were they expecting you to also lose the race? Fact: there should have been a winner and that was you! Humans are humans, dear. Envy is part of us.

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  5. Congratulations!!! I feel like everyone has a season. You may experience discomfort at your newfound success but it is your season. Unfortunately, you are learning a valuable lesson in how to juggle feeling good about yourself and others’ mixed emotions (or just anger and disappointment). It is important to consider this, are you willing to babysit their feelings while pushing your own to the side? Suggesting that they are more important than you are….. Good read and thanks for sharing!!! #learningcurve

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  6. Congrats. I’m sure you worked to get such good results so you should enjoy your moment of success and achievement. Its not like your friends failed the exams because you came top, so I’m sure once they get over the shock (did they think you couldnt be as good or even better than them ?) they will be happy for you as well if they are real friends.

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