She was silenced.

Every single time.


When she tried to speak,

No one cared.

So she silenced herself

Over how she dared

To speak in front of those

Who considered her to be

Quiet forever

Who themselves hushed her

With the questions of her

Talking never.



She was always disturbed

In the process ofย 

Observing and listening

To every person.

She was silenced by them

Realising that she was

The odd one.



When she really longed

To talk to someone,

She was silenced

By their refusal

Then waited never

Ever for their




She was silenced

And was expected to remain.

She tried to change herself

But all was vain.



Now she plays it all again

With a smile when questioned

With a walk out when refused

With a come back when laughed at

And with silence when confused.



Her silence

Is what one seeks.

But now they can not

Hush her.

Because now

The Silence Speaks.


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