Not for me!

“Dance like no one’s watching”

Oh! But why?

I mean, I know that phrase surely applies to a vast majority of people out there. People who are conscious of other people watching them or their moves while they are dancing. They are often advised to not care about anyone and imagine there is no one watching them.

But sorry that does not helps me because maybe I’m the opposite of those people. I can’t imagine no one watching me while I dance. I can’t imagine dancing in the mirror all to myself or maybe the perfect walls gawking at me. Not so amazing!

Maybe it is related to me being myself. See, I’m really bad at expressing myself when talking to someone. I’m more like a person who keeps things to herself. So when it comes to dancing, I get a chance to express. And to whom do you expect me to express? Myself? I do that all the time. Even when I’m writing this. That’s what you call introspection I guess.

I always need an audience. I am that kind of person who, when dances alone, imagines an audience watching so that I dance good and express better. And this is one of the things I realised very recently when I missed at least some amount of audience when I was dancing alone. So then I had to imagine a big stage with huge flashes of lights on me AND a place full of people watching me dance with full attention. I also hate it when I’m dancing and there is an audience, but they aren’t looking at me. That moment I feel like stop dancing and telling them “hello! you would miss it. I’m putting some effort. At least show some interest or maybe just fake it!” Haha. That would be fun. I’ll try it next time.

So what do you think? Is it okay to think and feel that way?

What kind of dancer are you? Think about it and do tell me.

And if you haven’t danced yet. Try it out. It’s always worth dancing.

As for me and people like me, the new phrase is – “Dance like someone’s watching.”

Enough of introspection for now.

Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Not for me!

  1. haha… Interesting thoughts.. Frankly I never tried dancing though but I do try to sing a little bit and I prefer singing without audience though. I can’t say I sing bad but somehow I feel that I can’t sing that much well to let people listen me.
    I did sing a little bit in school dramas and programs a little.. πŸ˜€

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  2. Good one…dancing is according to me one of the best forms of expressing…though writing tops the list.. !! Followed !! Do like n follow mskcafe if you find my blogs worth reading !! M just a beginner !!

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