She Tried

She tried. She really tried to stay ordinary. As she was tired of all the attention every time. She felt, it kind of killed what she wanted to be and created something which anyone would love to be. Centre of attraction all the time. Stares all around her. It felt really out of the league for a person who was new to some place and wanted to talk to new people. Hate surrounded her with those looks she could see from the corner of her eyes. they disliked how everyone liked her and all the praises she received. She started hating the way everyone thought of her as an odd one out. She started hating this habit of hers. Habit of always speaking right and spontaneously.

So, what could she have done after all? For a change, she tried something. She tried to behave as everyone did in order to assure them that she wasn’t any different from all of them, but she forgot that she was. Everyone is different from everyone. So she let anyone else take up the advantage and come to light. That way, only that way she could have possibly known how it was to be ordinary. And she felt more horrible that way. Why? She didn’t knew. Well, what reason would you expect for disliking a situation where someone takes all of your attention and you let them. That too voluntarily! 

There were things still in her mind but she started hesitating to speak them out, thinking about how everyone around would take up her spontaneity. She realised that by doing this, she was subduing her qualities, her talent, her real self. She needed a reform. A change again, in her perspective. Now she knew that as everyone was different from everyone, this quality of hers was her kind of different. What anyone else thought was none of her concern now. And what she wanted to do was none of anyone else’s business. She won’t lose her identity just to fit in a group of ‘different’ people. She promised to herself that she’ll be what she was always supposed to be. HERSELF, no matter what the situation is. And that decision made her the happiest.


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