This Place..

What is this place,

where we talk about



and justice.


Where equality matters

only verbally;

Where freedom is given



Where we fight for

our rights

and forget about

the reality.


Let’s face it after all

the change won’t come

until we apply it



The fear is

what we are scared of

But no one knows

what they are feared from.


The longer you take

to understand this

the wider the fearΒ 

gets its reasons.


Reasons like

taking a step,

moving the things,

changing the world.


But what would you change

after all

The thinking, perceptions,

judgements or rather



Will you be able to


accept, ignore

and devote.


Adjust in this world,

accept the reality,

ignore the promises

and devote your heart,

Where none of your opinion



So what is this place then.

Is it a real one

Or coming out of someone’s



If even that is




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