Just Imagine!

Hello! It's sharing time again. So, for quite some time I'm having a strange feeling about a really unfamiliar situation about which, I don't know how to react. Try out if you can help me. So I'll first try to make you understand through an example. Imagine yourself participating in a race. You are running … Continue reading Just Imagine!


Dear Stalker

Dear Stalker, First of all it's so ironic to associate you with the term 'dear'. Because you would never be dear to me and it is high time you accept it. You might not like yourself to be called a stalker but unfortunately you are and it will be better if you understand that your … Continue reading Dear Stalker


Okay! So first of all this is insanely unbelievable. I wouldn't have ever imagined this coming until it actually happened. An AWARD! Woah..! It's like one of those things you experience by taking risky but important decisions for yourself first time in a while. That's how blogging happened to me. So by controlling my excitement I would … Continue reading AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD..!

I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.

Really need your views this time guys.. Unfortunately there is no one to whom I can ask these questions except myself and you all. And I seriously cannot give answers to myself because it confuses me more and more questions arise out of it. I am a person who is very sensitive and emotional and … Continue reading I need ANSWERS – To the QUESTIONS I ask myself.