The Silence

There is silence Over here, there Between us And all around us.   There is silence In the sky turning dark In the drops and the glare In the waving leaves of the tree, In the breeze above the sea.   There is silence In the loudest of the cries In the eyes that smile … Continue reading The Silence


“Even this shall pass away”

"Be happy. Stay happy." "Love your life." "Be original, love yourself." "Learn to feel contented towards your life." I can write many more phrases like these to "motivate" you or "encourage" you. I am sure that you are not coming across these for the first time. There exists plenty of them and yes we need … Continue reading “Even this shall pass away”

Writing and Writers!

Hey everyone! It's been really long I shared my thoughts here. I was actually busy dancing around a lot this whole while and when I got free from that, I had other things coming up which consumed all of my time. But I never stopped writing because my life can't function without that. And now … Continue reading Writing and Writers!

This Place..

What is this place, where we talk about independence, responsibility and justice.   Where equality matters only verbally; Where freedom is given conditionally.   Where we fight for our rights and forget about the reality.   Let's face it after all the change won't come until we apply it mentally.   The fear is what … Continue reading This Place..